Welcome to Brown TSA -
This is the officail website of Thai Students Association at Brown University. This site contains information about our club, includes our events, members and pictures. Please take a look around and learn about our community.
09/20/05 Fall 2005

It's fall again!! Welcome back to school. We just had the first meeting last Wednesday. It went very well, thank you everyone for coming. There are a few new freshmen this year that hopefully I can get to do some interviews with them. One important announcement, I'm looking for someone to maintain this website asap this year and continue in the future. So, please contact me if you are interested.
06/30/05 It's Summer Time

I would like to officially apologize here for being a lousy webmaster. I basically didn't have a chance to update the website for a few months. Besides that, we have had a great semester with a lot of successful events. You can check out what we did last year in the event page Hope everyone has a great time with the rest of the summer and see you all in fall.
02/03/05 Spring'05 Social Meeting and Game Night

Welcome back everyone from the winter break. Hope everone have a joyful time with your family and friends. I have set up a meeting on Thursday February 3rd. Basically, we will discuss about fund-raising for the tsunami vicims in Thailand and a few other events for this semester.
11/10/04 Movie Screening & Legend of the SEA

Two events are coming up this week. We are going to show a movie this Sunday from 7 to 9.30pm at Salomon 003. The title is "The Siam Renaissance" or "Tawipob". Please tell all your friends to come. The admission is FREE. The second event is "The Legend of the SEA" on the following Sunday at 6pm. Also, please note that this week is Southeast Asian Heritage week. There will be a lot of events around the campus. Anyway, hope to see you all next week. Have a great time.
09/04/04 Welcome Class'08

Welcome class'08 and welcome all the members back to school. This year is going to be awesome! There will be an anouncement for the first meeting soon. The meeting should take place sometime during the first or the second week of the semester.
To the new student who would like to join the group. Please send an email to tsa@brown.edu. If the email does not work (I'm working on changing the forwarding address) please send the email to browntsa@yahoo.com
06/01/04 Congratulation P'Ake,P'Kieng, and P'View

Congratulation for p'p' who just graduated and hope everyone has a great summer. I will be adding more stuff to the website including graduation pictures =). See y'all in fall.
04/21/04 Thanks & Have a great time

Thanks everyone for helping out selling thai crafts. 180$ will go to help poor children in Thailand this summer... Hope you all have fun and goodluck on your finals.
04/03/04 PO Selling & new DekThaiFund Website

We are going to sell some thai stuff to raise money for DekThaiFund this Friday (4/9/4) from 10-3pm. And please check out the new DekThaiFund website http://www.dekthaifund.org
02/23/04 The first meeting

Our first meeting is on this Wednesday (after the long weekend) See more details below.
02/16/04 Welcome back, guys.

It's Semester II and we plan to have a big event. Keep checking your e-mail. We will have the first meeting soon!
11/08/03 Last two events of the year

Cooking Lesson last week went well, and Fashion Show last night was terrific! Thanks so much everyone. Pictures of those events in this semester are coming. Have a great time, guys.
10/26/03 More updates about cooking lesson

Cooking lesson is on this Saturday. The signup table will be at the mailroom on Wed&Thurs 10-1pm. For more information, see the table slips in the Events page and here is a picture from our 2001 cooking lesson.
10/19/03 Cooking lesson update & Map's interview

We have some updates about the place and time of our cooking lesson. Also check out the new members section. We have our first new member interview.
10/14/03 New TSA Webboard !!!

Our new functioning webboard is up now. Please, please ... visit, register, and give some feedback.
10/13/03 P'Golf's Birthday

It's P'Golf's birthday today. Everyone say "Happy Birthday !" Wish you have a great time at Brown na krub.
10/06/03 Up Online !

Finally, I've got time to get the new homepage up. The only design I need to do is the webboard (it's working right now)
Anyway, hope you guys like it.
09/23/03 Almost there!

I basically finished the home page now. So, I'm going to start making other pages. This shouldn't be too hard. Webboard is functioning right now, but needs some decoration. Alrite! gtg to work.
09/22/03 Link to the old website

I just realized that I should make a link to the old website in case that someone might wanna get some information that is still missing in the new website. Here is the link. http://students.brown.edu/tsa/old/main.htm
09/21/03 First appear of new TSA website

Finally I've got something done, the almost-completed home page. However, there are a lot to go -_-! Anyway, hope you have a good time browsing trough our new website, guys.

Fall 2005 Activities Fair. If you are a new student, please use the contact form to contact us and leave your email. I will add you to our mailing list. There will be the first meeting of the year within the first 2 weeks of school.
Pam is our new president for the upcoming year. You can learn more about her from this new member interview.
Comming Soon ! Pictures of our fund-rasing events during 2004-05 academic year. There were so much fun. Thank you everyone for helping out! (Current - Sample pictures)