Brown Muslims Students' Center
018 Champlin
Brown University 
Providence, RI 02912

Listen to Quran Online

Listen Quran Online

Al-salam 'alaykum,

Welcome to the BMSA website!

We are a student-led group at Brown University working to meet the needs of our Muslim community while maintaining an open and inviting space.

The BMSA seeks to provide a warm, welcoming, and accessible community open to all who identify as or with Muslims and the Muslim community regardless of personal belief or degree of practice. Everyone is welcome to all BMSA events and activities.


Please feel free to contact us at: bmsa@brown.edu


Submitted by Imran Sayeed (not verified) on

Guys, just saw the new web page and the BMSA logo ROCKS!!

Imran (Co-Founder of BMSA)

Submitted by Noura Alturki (not verified) on


Sending love and warmth from Jeddah, KSA! Seeing this page has made me so nostalgic from Brown and for the Brown way of loving and living Islam: tolerance, respect, soul searching, and connecting over channa masala and naan :)


Noura Alturki '05

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