Brown IEEE is an educational and professional student group that aims to develop engineering skills that may not be taught in classes and to expose its members to the myriad professional and academic opportunities available in the fields of electrical and computer engineering.

One of the main educational events is the Brown Robotics Olympiad (BRO), an entirely student-run event that just wrapped up its third year. The BRO is an intercollegiate, micro-mouse style robotics competition. Students form teams of 3-8 people and over the course of one academic year, design and construct a robot able to autonomously navigate and solve a 16-by-16 square maze. This year, six Brown teams competed against nine teams from six different schools, including Harvard, Princeton and Yale, at a one-day competition hosted in Barus and Holley.

Other educational events were held within the Brown community, open to Brown IEEE members and non-members alike. Student-taught events included workshops teaching soldering, coding in Arduino and C, and using SolidWorks CAD software. Brown IEEE is looking to expand its workshop events, as it did this year with a MathWorks sponsored Simulink tutorial, complete with pizza and sponsor t-shirts. Professional and academic opportunity events included lectures and lab tours from two Brown professors, and a lecture from the CEO of Bay Computer Associates. In the future, Brown IEEE hopes to arrange ``field trips'' for its members to tour prominent engineering companies, where many of its members may be interested in applying for internships or jobs.

You may also visit the IEEE headquarter homepage, where you can find other chapter sites around the globe.


2015-2016 Competition registration is now open! The registration form is available here. For more information on our competition, including the rules, time and location, and information on fees, visit our competition page.