Interfaith House


Interfaith House, a residential community at Brown University, fosters creative discussion and inter-religious dialogue for both the religious/spiritual and the nonreligious/spiritual, and everyone in-between. By cultivating spiritual and philosophical understanding in our hallways, and by collectively losing sleep in late-night conversations, Interfaith House creates a strong sense of community.

Recruitment Info!

Interfaith House members are also fixtures at the interfaith Thursday Night Suppers sponsored by the Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life, which take place Thursday evenings from 5-7 pm at 58 Keene St.

(Also, for whatever reason, a lot of us seem to go to contra dances.)

House Location

The house is located in Diman. The entire campus is invited to participate in our activites. Come visit us! Map.

House Tours

Want to see our rooms and meet some people? Send us an email at to schedule a tour.

Weekly House Happenings

The house meets once a week (currently Monday nights at 10pm) to discuss issues and plan events, if you have suggestions for events please email and we will discuss them.

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to send us an email at

Interfaith House, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912