Band Board

The Band Board is a six-member elected delegation of band members who manage both the behind-the-scenes and public day to day operations of the Band. The Band Board is elected for a one-year term that begins and ends at halftime at the last football game in November. If a position becomes vacant mid-term, that position is filled via a special election as soon as it is feasible. Specifics on election policy can be found in our bland yet informative constitution.

Please feel free to e-mail the appropriate Band Board member by clicking on his or her name. If you're not sure which Band Board member is appropriate, you may simply email the President, or all of Band Board. If your band is traveling to Brown, or if you have specific questions about band activities or events, the person to contact is the Corresponding Secretary. For general comments, suggestions, etc. please feel free to mail any member of the Band Board.


For the term ending November 2014

PRESIDENT: Elaine Nguyen '15Elaine

The President is reponsible for scheduling and running Band Board meetings, running elections, and officially representing the Band to the University administration, UFB, UCS, and other acronyms.

Elaine hails from not-always-rainy-but-always-beautiful Seattle, WA, previously served as the Vice President of the Band, and is pleased to be continuing the Percussion section's reign over the Executive Branch. She is concentrating in Neuroscience and has a passion for smoothies, pulled pork, and responsibility.


VICE PRESIDENT: Derek Wilson '15

The Vice President yells at the Band runs field rehearsals, serves as a liaison to the athletic department, and performs other administrative tasks throughout the year.

Derek, a resident of the two best states (New Jersey and denial), is sectionally confused. While blowing has always been a favorite pastime of his, he has found a new place in his heart for banging. In his spare time, Derek enjoys nothing more than writing blurbs about himself.



The General Manager is responsible for working with the Appointed Positions and presenting their needs to Band Board, for managing instruments and uniforms, and for keeping the band on its feet (or skates depending on the season).

Ben lives in the hole in the vacant lot out back of the Ralph's. His hobbies include moving mostly non-ticking wooden crates from one truck to another while a man in a suit silently watches, studying Double Spanish, and denying the existance of mountains. He cares about the future of small children business owners, and is literally a five-headed dragon.


BUSINESS MANAGER: Chris Warren '16

The Business Manager is in charge of the finances, expenses, income, and budgetary and/or swag-related matters of the Band.

Chris is a trombonist ex-pat living in Tubaland. He enjoys symbolic bullfights, absinthe, and being part of the lost generation.

The Corresponding Secretary acts as a representative to other bands, providing information on housing, practice fields, directions, etc. when other bands visit us and likewise procuring this information when we go to away games. The CorSec also reserves hotel rooms and provides directions and itineraries on roadtrips.  Do not ask the CorSec if we are there yet.

Amy is a proud native of Delaware, the First State, which she would describe as definitely the best state in the Mid-Atlantic, probably America, possibly the world. She loves IMDB trivia, water ice, Parks and Recreation, procrastinating, the 1996 classic film Space Jam, and (of course) the band.



RECORDING SECRETARY: Brooke Gasdaska '16

The Recording Secretary (better known as RecSec and better spelled as WreckSec) takes attendance at rehearsals and on roadtrips, maintains databases of band alumni and contributors, keeps Band Board meeting notes, sends weekly band notices, and picks up the slack.

Brooke, a native of Pennsyltucky, loves vibraslaps, amusement park history, quoting all the best things, collecting brochures, and the band.



Zoe Fieldsteel

Student Conductor: Zoe Fieldsteel '15

Zoe, a fiercely loyal Connecticutian, has been conducting the band since her freshman year. Passionate about American Sign Language, she enjoys teaching as many signs as possible to anyone who will stand still long enough.

Charlie Moder

Assistant Student Conductor: Charlie Moder '16

Charlie hails from the state of Massachusetts. He enjoys getting lost, knots, Lost, animals with spots, and Robert Frost, not to mention sail boats, ski slopes, foods with oats, climbing ropes, and raising goats. Also, he is gangly.

Daniel Muller

Baby Student Conductor: Daniel Muller '17

Daniel, born in a log cabin four score and seven years ago in the deep woods of Connecticut, has been playing trombone and loving it since fifth grade. Things that Daniel loves include the Band, geography, food, keeping wild animals as pets in his dorm room, and ending sentences in a question?



Flutes Isabella Martinez '17 Isabella Martinez
  Francesca Lim '18  Francesca Lim
Clarinets Kristen Sorgi '15 Kristen Sorgi
  Sarah Cowles '17 Sarah Cowles
and Mellophones
Hayley Siegel '17 Hayley Siegel
  Charlie Gleason '17

 Charlie Gleason
Trumpets Gabriel Buchsbaum '17 Gabriel Buchsbaum
  Caleb Hersh '17 Caleb Hersh
  Brett Sherman '17 Brett Sherman
Low Brass Sidney Karesh '16 Sidney Karesh
  London Cooper-Troendle '16 London Cooper-Troendle
Percussion Joe Engelman '17 Joe Engelman
  Peter Kirschner '17 Peter Kirschner


Librarians Brooke Gasdaska '16
  Hayley Siegel '17
Social Chairs TBD
Scriptwriters Zoe Fieldsteel '15
  Amy Andrews '16
Historians Zoe Fieldsteel '15
  Ben Weedon '16
Friends of the Brown Band Liaison Sidney Karesh '16
  Caleb Hersh '17
Webmasters Ben Weedon '16
  Sarah Cowles '17