75 Years in Pictures

These pictures traverse our history of 75 years, beginning in 1924 when founder Irving Harris first had the idea of forming the Brown Band. Click any picture to enlarge it.

Our first "Join the Brown Band" flyer, by Irving Harris (October 15, 1924).
An early football season formation (October 30, 1925).
The Brown Band of 1926.
The Band forms a "Y" in the Yale Bowl, kicking off a longtime tradition (October 23, 1926).
The first woman bandie, as part of a fundraising effort for the Bruin Club (November 14, 1926). In 1968, the band would become one of the first student groups at Brown to become co-ed.
The Band gets almost-top billing in the Philly newspaper on game day (October 18, 1927).
Tough loss to Colgate 35-34 at home on October 28, 1950, but that sure doesn't dampen the spirits of the Brown Band!
An alumni reunion for the Band's 40th anniversary gave us this formation at the football game. The alumni were in the "B" and the students were in the "ROWN" (October 10, 1964).
Our fearless founder, Irving R. Harris '28, in 1928 and again leading the band at the 50th anniversary celebration in 1974.
The Brown Band of 1987; the beginning of a legacy that brought us fame and infamy.
The cover of our Roadtrip album, released in 1987, tells all.
Scott Perrin '89's idea to run our mascot, Elrod T. Snidley, in the race for President of the Undergraduate Council of Students was met with both wide outrage and even wider support across campus. In the election that threatened to undermine students' faith in UCS, Elrod as a write-in candidate won nearly 50% of the vote, a narrow margin of victory for the human candidate (April 1988).