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Mezcla began as the dream child of Elizabeth Garcia, a Latina, in the spring of 1993. She wanted Latinos to represent their culture through dance, song, and poetry. The group began with only eight members, but after undergoing a lot of change, it grew to a 20-member crew by the fall of 1994.

In the spring of 1994, the growth was phenomenal -- Mezcla boasted a roster of 60-plus. Because there were more members, Eduardo Gonzales 96 said, the group became more structured and organized to accommodate larger numbers, and the quality of the Mezcla show improved. For the Latino History Month performance they gave, Mezcla packed Salomon 101 with an audience of over 600 people this past spring. -Brown Daily Herald, Monday, November 20, 1995.

Mezcla has since gained a reputation outside of Brown. In the recent past, Mezcla has done dance workshops in various schools in-and-around Providence, helped foster the creation of both Mariachi de Brown and the Latino Writing Circle, and now has over 100 active members every year.

Still holding true to Elizabeth Garcias original goals, Mezcla is now 15 years old and is stronger than ever.

Thanks to all the support from every single Mezcla Alumni, this organization will continue to strive!