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The HGSA Welcomes You:

The History Graduate Student Association is open to all graduate students of the Brown University Department of History. We are organized to build a more cohesive, supportive, friendly, and social graduate community; to optimize communication between the graduate community, the department faculty, and the University administration; to discuss and address issues, concerns, and opportunities surrounding the graduate teaching experience; and to create a vibrant forum for the discussion and presentation of our academic projects.

According to our constitution, all enrolled History graduate students are members of the History Graduate Student Association, unless they choose to disassociate themselves.

HGSA Officers and History Representatives for the 2010-2011 Academic Year:

DGS Liason: Jon Gentry (Jonathan_Gentry@brown.edu)
HGSA Coordinator: Sam Boss (Adam_Boss@brown.edu)
Educational Coordinators: Laura Perille ( Laura_Perille@brown.edu )
and Ania Borejsza-Wysocka ( Anna_Borejsza-Wysocka@brown.edu )

Social Coordinator: Theresa Williams ( Theresa_Williams@brown.edu )

HGSA Reps to the Graduate Student Council (GSC):
Stephen Chambers (Stephen_Chambers@brown.edu)
and John Rosenberg (John_Rosenberg@brown.edu )

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  Managed by: Daphna Oren-Magidor (Daphna_Oren_Magidor@brown.edu)