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Cwning Noobs: My special night at Toledo

My first bite was what I had expected: all dough, stiff on the outside and hardly flavor-packed. I soon realized, however, that the dough served a greater purpose. Structurally, the dough is the perfect consistency; the cone stays together, is easy to eat, and its flavor is entirely secondary to that of its contents. Not that the contents would win any awards; it was essentially a glorified Manwich.

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Who Would Win in a Fight?

BATTLE OF THE BACK-UP PLAN[ETS]: Gliese 581g vs. Mars Last week we learned that the planet Gliese 581g might be ‘a new hope’ for life beyond Earth. Gliese 581g


With her best love-you-no-matter-what face on, my mother told me, “girls love a guy who can cook.” This display of motherly underhandedness was her way of conveying that

Keeping the Doors Open

On a Friday afternoon inside Olneyville library, local spoken word poet Lawrence Nunes sang about dreams and determination in high, wavering tones. Most of the audience didn’t know


Everyone on Westminster Street last weekend became part of a museum. Volunteers distributed stickers reading "CURRENT EXHIBIT," and more than a hundred white labels papered the two blocks

Wrecking Public Art

From January 10 to February 8, Wickenden Street was the scene of a mechanical feast. Under bright lights, giant claws methodically bit off chunks of the I-195 overpass

The Theory Monster

Fame + Foucault = Gaga? Britney Spears is my secret vice, but I’m proud to blast the Lady. She’s smart, arguably edgy, and at the reins of the beast


Wilder Penfield hovers over his patients, gently probing their brains. Locally anesthetized but conscious, the test subjects respond to the researcher’s pokes. He prods a little chunk of the primary sensory cortex.

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