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The Metamythical Reality of The Present

Primitivism, Colonialism, and the Age of Inundation

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Divorcee Whattt?!

For gay and lesbian couples in Rhode Island wishing to marry, a legal ceremony is a short drive to Massachusetts away. What may prove more difficult than forming

Wide Open Races: Four Dems on the Campaign Trail

President Obama's disapproval ratings are nearing 50 percent, and nationally, Republicans are polling anywhere from 5-14 percent better than Democrats. Whiz-kid political swamis like Rasmussen and The Cook

Canaries Everywhere

In about two months, during the last full moon in May, red knots (Calidris canutus) migrating from the Pampas to the Arctic will land on the shores of

Chocolate and catharsis (an anecdote)

At a bar called Prune in Paris, I met my first valentine. 26, sunken cheeks from a wine and ramen diet; purple circles from nights of reading; holed

Politics Post-Coakley

We will remember the narrative of Massachusetts senatorial election in facial terms: Scott Brown’s rugged, graying boyishness contrasted against Martha Coakley’s nervous, wide-eyed professionalism. Election results came in


A new amendment to Rhode Island law has clarified how qualified citizens will obtain medical marijuana within the next year. Despite Governor Donald Carcieri’s two vetoes,

How To Get Down (and Across) in the NYT Crossword

It’s not very enjoyable to be in a car with me. Steering wheel drumming aside, I can barely go a mile or two before I’m pointing out a

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