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Moral Fiber

by Anna Rotman Even though Ralph Waldo Emerson once called him “the prophet of bran bread and pumpkins,” Sylvester Graham was a serious man. A preacher by training and a lecturer by profession, he concerned himself with nothing less than the …

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Not for the Faint of Heart: A Federal Hill Poultry Tradition

“To you, it smells poopy, but to me, it smells like money.” Chris Morris is the owner of Antonelli Poultry Inc, the only live poultry store in


Hometown Brewers: A Toast To Pawtucket’s Newest Neighbors

It started with four soda syrup tanks. Reclaimed from a scrap heap, the tanks showed up and for them to get used, “the whole rest of this


Brain Freeze!

1. Like all good recipes, this one starts with a quest: find clean snow. Suggestions: backyards, rooftops, the inner layers of snow banks. Let it be known

grilling_adriana gallo

Limoncello and Sour Cream

In Ballroom D, carpeted and windowless, all the chairs face five kitchenettes. Mirrors above each cooking station reflect the mise-en-place: a range topped with a pot or

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Haute Cuisine

In the 1960s, men were men, the scotch was strong, and airplane food was gourmet. Grilled filet mignon with buttered green peas and croquette potatoes, caviar with

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Even with a winter as mild as this last one, by late February I want nothing more than fresh food. I start dreaming about juicy tomatoes that

Indy #4 Illustration, Alexander Dale


If you ask the right person in Providence today, they will tell you: in the fifties there were grape vines in every yard in Fox Point. In

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