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Close Enough

by Ellora Vilkin An acting teacher once told me the most intimate thing you can do on stage is touch someone’s face. You could brush away an eyelash, maybe, or a funny strand of hair. Or cup an upturned chin …

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When I Get Back to my Body

by Suzannah Weiss

The first time i left my body, I was fifteen. It was revelatory. For no particular reason, I looked in the mirror and was suddenly


From Water

by Emma Janaskie & Kate Van Brocklin “And have you seen the water that you drink? Is it you who brought it down from the clouds, or is


Of Mindless Men

by Doreen St. Felix She has no photograph, but when Marie Jane recalls the morning the zombi broke down the side door of her home, this is how

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Redux Dictionary

  by Ellora Vilkin These words may be out of print, but if vintage is cool then archaic is next-level. Drop one of these babies next time you’re at

Cairo 52

by Marc Briz IN BETWEEN CAIRO'S high-rise hotels and dusty highways, riverboats lie anchored along the Nile, pumping Egyptian pop songs and multi-colored lights. On a Thursday night, a


Dear Edgar

by Julia Longoria Draped in the pale, empty elegance of lace, Helen’s look is haunting. It’s appropriate, against the cool, grainy darkness of the cemetery where she sits.

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by Doreen St. Felix From follicles in the middle layer of skin, out sprouts the dead thing. Hair begins in the bulb-shaped organ called the follicle. Once hair grows

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