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MFA’d to Get Paid

by Elias Pitegoff In October 2012, gerhard richter’s painting “Abstraktes Bild 809-4” sold for $34 million. The sale earned the painting the superlative “most expensive artwork by a living artist.” The painting’s price sparked controversy in the art world, namely …

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Self-Aware Game

by Milan Koerner-Safrata Eminent game designer Tim Schafer recently asked himself a question: “Are games art?” His response: “Oh man, who cares.” But as this concept gains momentum,


French Connection, RI

by Drew Dickerson & Mimi Dwyer Adulte Terrible Like any attempt to periodize an artistic movement in its contemporary, the phrase “New French Extremity” is only about half

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The Worst Kind of Punchline

“power fails and 49ers surge, but Ravens Win” - The New York Times. “Lights Out! Ravens Win the Super Bowl!” - The Huffington Post. “Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Dress


Pitchfork Advance: Spanning Streaming’s Single/Album Divide

“Physical is best. Touch it. Smell it right after opening the shrink-wrap. Take it off the shelf to show to your friends, so they can touch it


Talking About Utility: Enumerating Art In The Western World

1. Episteme, from Ancient Greek: knowledge or science. An understanding of principles, know-how. Techne, from Ancient Greek: craftsmanship. Applied know-how, often servile in nature: Understanding bound to obligation. There was


The Problem With Portraits

Last month, the British National Gallery opened an hour early so that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) could enjoy a ten-minute private viewing


Dynamic Range: The Politics of Popular Dance

This is not about you. You will not Travolta across the dance floor, the neon lights on the lapels of your white suit. No one will notice

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