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Painting the Corners

by Tristan Rodman I went to my first baseball game at age five. My dad’s friend, who had taken it upon himself to make me a baseball fan, led me up the many steps to the Reserve Level of Dodger …

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Up In the Air

  by Alex Ronan, Greg Nissan & Sam Rosen “I'M NOT QUITE SURE I BELIEVE THE FINAL SHOT, THOUGH” Roger Ebert said of Love and Basketball’s climax. Too cinematic,

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All Doped Up

Christian Hesch was having a good week. On August 17, Hesch, a semi-professional road racer from Los Angeles, ran 4:00.01 at the Pittsburgh Liberty Mile, good enough


The Commissioner and I

Last Tuesday afternoon my best friend called, which was exciting because he only calls if he forgets to tell to me to add extra cheese, or if


Bama Mama-Jama

  You could say I was born with a Crimson spoon in my hand. My father has always been an avid follower of the Crimson Tide and indoctrinated


Hapless in Seattle

This past Monday, immediately following the Seattle Seahawks’ victory over the Green Bay Packers, ran a reader poll: “what did you make of the touchdown call

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Trading Races

This summer, two transactions made history in their respective sports. In the MLB, the Los Angeles Dodgers acquired first baseman Adrian Gonzalez from the Boston Red Sox


Newport’s Cup

In the world of competitive sailing, winning the America’s Cup signifies the best—the best team of sailors in the best boat in the world. And it’s quite

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