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Sun Falls Down

Russian Asteroids from the Ground Up

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Alberta’s Black Gold

by Marcel Bertsch-Gout There are places in alberta, canada, where dredged-up mud spans the horizon as far as the eye can see. Puddles of unidentified surface moisture nest

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Ballad on the Divergence Theorem: A Story of Love and Integrals

by Jeremy Wagner

The divergence theorem is employed in many branches of science. It states that the integral taken over a closed surface of the dot product of


The Culture of the Cure

by Alisa Owens More than two centuries after the coal soot that caused carcinoma among chimney sweeps became the first identified occupational carcinogen, cancer remains a leading cause

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The Bloom

photographs by Annie Macdonald Red Tide is the common name for algal blooms, which occur when certain algae rapidly accumulate and form dense patches near the water’s surface.

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Neurosexism: The Biological Argument for Gender Inequality

Scientific findings have had a powerful effect on the evolution of social norms and gender rights. In the 1800’s scientists cited women’s smaller craniums and “delicate brain

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“People have an idea of what scientists are like, and how scientists are supposed to act, and how scientists are supposed to convey information,” said Dr. Jeremy


Parasites in the Pew

Many scientists have been wary about using evolution to study human nature. But not Randy Thornhill. Author of The Evolutionary Biology of Human Female Sexuality and A

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