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There's 'no-place' like home

It’s the year is 2016. Republicans control the House of Representatives by a 4,122-to-93 margin and John Boehner has been coronated Dear Leader. Triangular hat-wearing hordes patrol the streets jamming their muskets in the face of anyone they suspect of …

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How John Rawls's political philosophy is sort of like The Secret

When Liberal political philosopher John Rawls descended from Mount Sinai bearing A Theory of Justice in one arm and Political Liberalism in another, the heavens sang. It was

Why You Should Vote Chafee

Lincoln Chafee B’75 was eleven when he went to the 1964 Republican National Convention, with his father, then the immensely popular Republican Rhode Island Governor. At the convention,

Holy Fizz: Rethinking the Role of Coca-Cola in Rural Mexico

1906: “Great National Temperance Beverage” 1937: “America’s Favorite Moment” 1945: “ A Passport to Refreshment” 1948: “ Where There’s A Coke There’s Hospitality” 1955: “Americans Prefer Taste” 1958: “Refreshment the Whole World Prefers” 1975:

Old Politics for the New Normal

Never before has the phrase “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic” felt more apt. Trusted economic advisor to the president, Mr. Larry Summers, announced that he is returning

Back From The War

My older brother returned from his yearlong tour in Iraq in the middle of a cold April night last year. I waited with his wife and my family

Twitter and the End of Historiography

On April 14, 2010, the Library of Congress announced on their blog that they would be archiving “every public tweet, ever, since Twitter’s inception in March 2006.” In

Force of Habit

On June 22, 2010, Americans will no longer be able to get free samples of cigarettes, procure promotional gear with tobacco brand-names, or buy fewer than 20 cigarettes

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