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Moral Fiber

by Anna Rotman Even though Ralph Waldo Emerson once called him “the prophet of bran bread and pumpkins,” Sylvester Graham was a serious man. A preacher by training and a lecturer by profession, he concerned himself with nothing less than the …

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Providence Place

by Benson Tucker Place is all of the things that make somewhere have the same characteristics year after year. These maps illustrate some financial elements of place that constitute


Classical Education

by Kurt Ostrow A parent calls Anna to ask about her daughter’s D in 10th grade English. Anna explains that what Jasmine* turned in was OK, but that

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What Happens When I Freeze Up

by Robert Merritt First off, I love my job. Writing the Indy’s ‘Around the Town’ column is a sheer delight. For example, I got a chance to go


On Sacred Ground

by Emma Wohl Two days after the ten-year anniversary of the Station Nightclub Fire, the ground where the club stood is smooth. A circle of crosses has been


Woonsocket Insurrection

by Benson Tucker Meet Dave Fisher, as I first saw him, in his campaign announcement video, titled "The Big Announcement." He looked like this: His appeal sounded like this: “It

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Over Achievement: Charter Academy Opens Its Doors

“This almost didn’t happen,” Ellie Wyatt, a retired public school teacher and member of the Rhode Island Coalition to Defend Public Education, tells me, shaking her head.

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Boxed Out: Revisiting Employment After Felony Convictions

On many job applications, below availability and above the signature line, stands a question that may appear innocuous at first glance: have you ever been convicted of

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