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A Story of this Nature

  by Jessica Giguere SEBASTIAN ENGAGED IN COITUS AT AGE 18 in 1957. Two spawns were engendered from this act of passion. Sebastian was young. He was in college. He ate the majority of his food from tin soup cans. He …

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The Woods of Lehigh Valley

by Everett Epstein The 4 p.m. light in room 213 cast the walls azure and the shadows—from the bed, table, lamp, and bulky RCA—a deep navy. The throw,


by Edward Friedman There were three things: the first was standing in the ocean up to his shoulders and the water was warm and the deep purple sky and

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Where A Finger Folds by Jack deTar

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Mosquito Net by Jack deTar

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The Beekeeper God

by Greg Nissan The Beekeeper God has been visiting me in my dreams. Well, no, he visits me during dream hours, wakes me up with his static, and


On Yogurt

by Alex Ronan


In the fifties yogurt was hip. Yogurt was so hip it was even spelled yoghurt. Today, yogurt is mainstream, yogurt is banal, yogurt

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Homage to Love

1. (time is of the essence strike is of the) sense of the waking warbly street & shoes- numbed feet the panic attack held back by movement & the suck marks on the neck & the closeness of

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