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With projects such as The Catalyst magazine, annual panel discussions and new projects such as the Catalyst Special Edition (CSE) on Brown University, we strive to cultivate and strengthen the symbiotic relationships between the Sciences and Humanities in anticipation that results from their lively interactions will spark new, positive ideas and ways of thinking. The Catalyst group consists primarily of Brown undergraduate students, as well as a core network of alumni.

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Catalyst Special Edition (CSE) What makes Brown University tick? The students? The faculty? It's not exactly a humanities school, nor is it a school exclusively for the scientifically inclined. Yet, it seems to work. The CSE is a journalistic effort to make more tangible what makes this unsaid, yet widely accepted view that a liberal arts educational experience at Brown is unique and unrepeatable. The publication will particularly explore the role of science in Brown's liberal arts education and how it affects the Brown community from the point of views of students, faculty, and alumni.

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Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE) WiSE is the Catalyst Group's primary collaborator on the CSE. This Brown University program encourages female undergraduates to continue their studies in the sciences, with the intent to reinforce the vital link between science, technology, society, and the individual. WiSE has collaborated with The Catalyst Group to co-sponsor panel discussions on science and the human dimension, as well as science and art.

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 Frequently Asked Questions about the CSE

What is The Catalyst Special Edition (CSE)?
The CSE is a collaborative publication between the Brown University student organization, Catalyst, and the NSF-funded program, Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE), which is administered from the office of the Deans of the College. The publication is based on the original version of The Catalyst magazine, but will be slightly more journalistic in nature, covering how science enhances the experience of a Brown University liberal arts education as well as life beyond Brown, for students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

What kinds of articles will appear in the CSE?
In addition to regular feature articles, profiles, interviews, and reports, the publication will contain more fast-reading news, showcase and reference tools of use to students and faculty, fiction, art, photography, poetry, puzzles, and essays, following the tradition of the regular editions of The Catalyst.

How do I get involved?
First, read the position descriptions on the Join the Staff page. Then, send an e-mail to Karen Knee '02, telling us what you want to do. (Be sure to tell us the vital stats, too, which are requested in the application section.)

What is the goal of CSE?
The CSE aims to celebrate the consilience of the sciences and humanities and serve as a vehicle to inform the Brown community of the exciting activities that occur on campus. It will also serve as a one-stop-shopping reference tool for people interested in science resources.

How often will the CSE be printed?
The CSE, the only publication of its kind at Brown University, will be a completely unique magazine that strives to make a mark of permanence with its first printing in Spring 2002. After that, editions will be updated and printed on an as-needed basis. A Web-version of the CSE is in the planning, also, which will be more dynamic and frequently updated. Stay tuned to www.brown.edu/Students/Catalyst for more information.

Where's the money?
The funding for the CSE project is planned to come from a variety of sources that have interests in the interdisciplines of science and humanities. Anyone interested in furthering this should check the grantwriter description for CSE staff.

Who is the intended audience? Circulation?
The Brown community. Initially, students, faculty and staff; eventually prospective students; and hopefully, alumni. Circulation is estimated to be in the mid-thousands.

Should I get involved?
Whether you are a student of the humanities of sciences, freshman or senior or otherwise, all are welcomed to participate working on the CSE. There are many ways to be involved, not just those that are specified on the Position Descriptions page. For more information, e-mail the managing editor (catalystse@yahoo.com).

What is the contact information?
Anyone interested in helping out should first read our position needs and e-mail or call Karen Knee '02. Those interested in pitching story ideas to CSE, please e-mail Cora Stryker '01.5. For information on Catalyst organization development and alumni involvement, e-mail Lisa Onaga '00. For more information about the Catalyst organization on campus, e-mail Tammy Stolz '02.

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