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Brown University Chinese Student and Scholar Association
(Abbr. Brown CSSA)


Brown CSSA is a non-profit organization founded and formed by the Chinese students and scholars at Brown University. Like most other CSSAs throughout the world, the mission of our CSSA is to provide a platform for overseas Chinese students, scholars and other professionals to meet new friends, exchange information, and help each other. We also promote mutual understandings of cultures and encourage the academic communications among people inside and outside of the Brown community.


The purpose of Brown CSSA is to provide the Chinese scholars and students at Brown University with certain services and recreational and cultural activities. It also aims at establishing and maintaining the friendship between scholars and students from the People's Republic of China and people of the local community regardless of the differences of race, religion, ethnic origin, political beliefs, sex, age, handicap status, marital status or nationality.


At the beginning of every Fall semester, the community will elect new Committee. The new Committee should consist of at least 5 members, in order to have enough hands to share the tasks in organizing CSSA activities. The top five (or more than five) individuals in the voting result will automatically become the Committee members. If any individual among the elected has no time or no interests to join in the Committee, he or she has rights to choose not becoming the Committee members. The unoccupied position will be taken by the next-ranked individual, who is willing to serve as a committee. The existing 5 members are able to enlarge their team into 7 or 9 members group according to their needs and real situations. As for the assignment of positions, it should be decided by all the new Committee members through inner discussion and announce to the public afterwards.

The purpose of Brown CSSA Committee is devoted to providing Brown CSSA community with certain services and recreational and cultural activities.

Current Committee Members

Last Modified: July 27th, 2013