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Spring 2014 Basic Mediation Training Workshop

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process that helps two or more people in conflict communicate, clarify issues and goals, and reach constructive resolutions. BUMP will host a 6-day, 34 hour Basic Mediation Training at the beginning of the 2014 Spring semester. During this training participants will learn a facilitative model of mediation that emphasizes the role of the mediator as a facilitator of communication between parties in conflict. Participants will learn a valuable set of communication skills and basic conflict resolution theory. Skills learned will include re-framing, question asking, addressing cultural differences, dealing with power imbalances, and more. Throughout the training participants will be given many opportunities to practice these skills and apply the concepts they learn, culminating in a mock-mediation at the end of training with a critique from professionals in the field. Past graduates of this program have found post-training mediation opportunities through BUMP, the Rhode Island Small Claims Court, and the Community Mediation Center of Rhode Island.

Who: Anyone affiliated with Brown University including undergrads, graduate students, staff, or faculty may apply

When: The first three weekends of Spring Semester (January 25th, 26th; February 1st, 2nd, 8th, & 9th) from 9AM to 4PM each day

Where: Smitty-B!

What are we looking for?: We are looking for applicants that are (1) passionate about or interested in conflict resolution and mediation, & (2) have a desire to participate in BUMP and help us achieve our mission.

To apply, download the application HERE by January 10th, 2014! For questions, EMAIL BUMP@BROWN.EDU.


''There are surprisingly few pre-requisites to be a mediator in Rhode Island. The summer after I completed the 30 hour training my freshman year, I began an internship with the Community Mediation Center of Rhode Island (CMCRI) in which I got to walk into small claims court on day one. I spent about a month observing and then I transitioned to co-mediating with some very talented mediators and was able to play a part in facilitating the resolution of real disputes. It was undoubtedly one of the most profound and practical experiences I have had at Brown.'' --Sophie

''The mediation training was GREAT: Patricia is an amazing teacher, and each weekend session was really fun as well as extremely challenging. The skills we learned and practiced there have served me in all areas of my life-- and I got involved volunteering in small claims court mediation as well which was fascinating. I look forward to continuing to do mediation as time permits-- it's a great way to help people.'' --Katie

''The Basic Mediation Training was one of the best weekend commitments I've made at Brown. I didn't go into the training for the purpose of being a mediator, and two years later, I have not yet taken the opportunity to become a community mediator. But the skills I learned are applicable to all aspects of my life: as an academic, conducting field work; as a social service provider; as a facilitator, for youth and adults; as a residential peer leader; and, as a communicator in my everyday. I would highly recommend folks commit the thirty hours to the Basic Mediation Training - it's worth it!'' --Christine