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Welcome to the African Sun!

This publication provides a voice for and about the Black community at Brown University. The African Sun aims to serve the Black community by addressing topics relevant to the Black experience and exploring issues from the “Black perspective.” Because mainstream media often ignores or discredits the complex, diverse views of our community, this publication is important as an alternative public space for opinions, news, and creative expression.

Our greatest hope is that the African Sun will promote respectful, dynamic campus dialogue about issues affecting Black communities. We strongly encourage all members of the Brown community to read, react, and contribute.

Submissions are essential to sustaining this much-needed voice in the Brown community. We thank those who submitted articles, visual art, and creative pieces for this first issue of the re-established African Sun. Students, faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged to submit pieces for the February issue of the African Sun.

African Sun Constitution

I. Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the African Sun is:

A. To report the news of Brown’s community as it pertains to Black students.
B. To report the news of the Black communities at other universities.
C. To report the news of the Third World Peoples on a national and international level.
D. To be a publication that serves Brown’s Black community.
E. To educate and engage the Brown Community in General about Black students’ issues, concerns and activities

Membership the African Sun is open to all members full-time undergraduate students, of the Brown community and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, handicap, status as a veteran, sexual orientation or national or ethnic origin.


Editor(s)in Chief
Editors: National News, Campus/Local News, International News, Opinion, Creative Writing, Visual Arts, Calendar of Events Coordinator and Afro-Latino News.
Business Manager
Communications Manager

Officers shall be elected during the latter part of the second semester of each academic year. To be elected a candidate must receive the majority of votes cast. Runoffs shall be conducted between the top two vote getters, if no candidate receives a majority on the first ballot.

All expenses of the African Sun shall be paid through the Office of Student Activities, and all funds collected by the group from any source shall be deposited with the Office of Student Activities. The African Sun agrees to follow all regulations regarding all financial transactions as set forth by the Office of Student Activities.

An amendment shall be brought before the group by a majority vote. The Editors-in-Chief shall notify all current staff members of the African Sun that an amendment to the group’s constitution is to be considered at the meeting following its announcement to the group. To be accepted, an amendment must gain support from two thirds (2/3) of the staff.

Once an amendment has been accepted by the African Sun, it shall be given to the UCS Vice President at least two (2) full days before the next regularly scheduled full council meeting. A representative from a group shall attend this meeting to present the amendment for UCS approval. Upon receipt of a simple majority from UCS, the amendment shall be considered a formal part of the African Sun’s constitution.


We, the undersigned, attest to the validity of the above information and that we are members in good standing of the African Sun.

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